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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Cheese Zinger Burger

chicken breast 4 boneless flattened
 salt 1tsp
 pepper 1/2 tsp
 mustard paste 1 tsp
 mayonnaise 3tbsp mixed with white vinger 2tbsp
salad leaves 4
 cheese slices 4
 burger buns 4
dry flour 1 cup to roll
 ingredients for better:
 flour 3tbsp heaped
 cornflour 3tbsp heaped
 baking powder 1/2 tsp
 egg 1
chilled water to make better


Marinade chicken breast with salt,pepper, n mustard paste for 15 minutes,
 dip marinated chicken in better,roll in dry flour,deep fry in fry pan till crispy and golden.
Cut buns apply mayonnaise and vinger sauce, spread cheese slice top with chicken then salad leaves again mayonnaise sauce, cover with buns n serve hot.

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