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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Orange Ring

  My most favorite dessert ever,it tastes like orange ice cream citric and delicious.I made this dessert with fresh orange juice but you can substitute it with canned juice.Simple ingredients but taste is great.Enjoy this yummilicious recipe :)                   



Evaporated milk chilled 1 tin

Caster sugar 6 ounces

Fresh cream 8 ounces

Fresh cream for decoration 2 ounces

Egg whites 2

 Orange jelly crystals 1 packet

Orange juice ½ cup

Gelatin powder 2 tbsp


Dissolve 2 tbsp gelatin in ½ cup orange juice, beat chilled evaporated milk very thick, add in 1 packet orange jelly crystals and dissolved gelatin mixture, beat 8 ounces cream with 3 ounces of caster sugar, beat 2 egg white stiff with 3 ounces of caster sugar, fold cream lightly in the beaten milk mixture, also fold in the egg white, pour mixture into a ring mold and chill till set, decorate with whipped cream and orange segments.

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