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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Chocolate Mexican cake

Ingredients for chocolate sponge
Eggs 3
Sugar 3 ounce
Flour 2 ounce
Coco 1 ounce

1. Beat egg with caster sugar till light and fluffy fold in sieved flour and coco mixture.
2. Spread mixture in a well greased two 8 inches sandwich pan bake for 20 minutes till done, remove and set aside.

Ingredients for chocolate butter cream
Butter 4ounces
Icing sugar 8 ounces
Coco powder 1 tbsp

Method for chocolate butter cream
1. Beat butter, icing sugar and coco on low speed for 10 minutes till fluffy.

Ingredients for topping
Cooking chocolate 150 gm

Method for topping
1. Melt chocolate on double boiler, when chocolate melts, add 2 to 3 tbsp cream and whisk well.

To assemble cake:
1. Sliced the chocolate sponge in 3 layers brush with any fruit juice or syrup, apply prepare chocolate butter cream in between layer and all around and sides, chill for 30 minutes, when butter cream sets pour melted chocolate all around.
2. Let it spared on top and sides, smooth well, decorate with chocolate butter cream.

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