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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Lasagna parcel

Ingredients for mince filling
Oil ¼ cup
Crushed garlic 1 tbsp
Chicken ½ kg boneless finely cubed
Salt 1 tsp
Vinegar 1 tbsp
Sugar 1 tsp
Crushed black pepper 1 tsp
Crushed red pepper 1 tsp
Oregano leaves 1 tsp
Tomato paste 4 tbsp
Ingredients for white sauce
Butter 2 tbsp
Flour 2 tbsp heaped
Milk 2 cups
Salt ¼ tsp
White pepper ¼ tsp
Mustard ¼ tsp
Lasagna strips boiled 12
Crushed red pepper 1 tsp
Crushed black pepper 1 tsp
Cheddar cheese 1 cup
Method for filling
Heat oil fry crushed garlic till light golden add finely chopped chicken, cook until done, add in salt, sugar, vinegar, crushed black and red pepper, oregano leaves, fry well add in tomato paste, mix well and remove. Cool, grease your oven proof dish make parcel by putting 2 lasagna strips in cross, fill with filling, fold like parcel, put in a greased dish, top with prepared white sauce, grated cheese, sprinkle butter, oregano leaves, crushed red pepper, bake for 20 minutes until light golden.
Method for white sauce
Put all the ingredients in the pan, cook until thick, stirring all the time.

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