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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Mandarin fish

Fish boneless 250 gm
Salt ½ + ½ tsp
White pepper ½ + ½ tsp
Egg 1
Flour 2 tbsp
Corn flour 1 tbsp + 1 tbsp
Water ¼ cup
Stock 1 cup
Oil ¼ cup
Garlic crushed 1 tbsp
Ketchup ½ cup
Hp sauce 1 tbsp
Wooster sauce 1 tbsp
Chili sauce 1 tbsp
Sugar 1 tbsp
Marinate fish cubes with salt, white pepper ½ tsp each, egg, flour, corn flour, mix well deep fry fish for 5 minutes and remove.
Method for sauce
Heat oil fry crushed garlic till golden add in ketchup, hp sauce, chili sauce, Wooster sauce, salt, white pepper, chicken stock, cook till boiling, thickens with corn flour paste, add fried fish, toss and remove.

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