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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Chocolate cheese cake slice

Ingredients for base
Biscuit crushed 2 ½ cup
Melted butter 4 ounce
Ingredients for filling
Grated chocolate 100 gm
Cream cheese 200 gm
Eggs 3 separated
Fresh cream whipped 8 ounces
Chopped walnuts ½ cup
Caster sugar 5 ounces
Gelatin 2 tbsp dissolve in ¼ cup water
Method for base
Combine butter and biscuit, press over base of rectangular tin, bake for 10 minutes, remove and cool.
Method for filling
Melt chocolate over hot water, beat cream cheese and sugar add in yolks, gelatin, fold in the stiffly beaten egg white, also fold in the cream whipped with melted chocolate, walnuts, pour mixture on top of the biscuit crumbs, chill for 2 hours, decorate with chocolate decoration and fresh cream cut into slices and serve.

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