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Saturday, 17 August 2013

Trifle Cups

Red jelly 1 packet
Green jelly 1 packet
Yellow jelly 1 packet
Prepared custard 3 cups
Fruit cocktail 1 medium can
Cake Rusk 125 gm
Fresh cream 200 gm
Strawberry sauce as required
Ingredients for Custard
Milk 3 cup
Sugar 4 tbsp
Vanilla custard powder 2 tbsp
Dissolve all the 3 jellies separately in 1 cup of water each, cook and set till firm, cut into cubes and keep aside, coarsely chopped 125gm cake Rusk into 4 pieces each, place into base of individual cups, sprinkle with fruit syrup, spread with fruit cocktail, pour custard then jelly cubes, then custard, refrigerate till chilled. Decorate with fresh cream and strawberry sauce.
Method for Custard
Boil 3 cup milk, add 4 tbsp sugar and 2 tbsp vanilla custard powder, cook till thickens, remove from fire and keep aside.

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