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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Death By Chocolate Cake

This is best ever best chocolate cake i made.Very rich and delicious a scrumptious treat for chocolate lovers.Try out this recipe and it will be a hit for you baking experience.Everyone just loved this cake specially my friends,i love this recipe too . 

Ingredients for Cake
Chocolate 8 ounces
Eggs 4
Salt pinch
Flour 1 cup
Sour cream 1/3 cup
Butter 2/3 cup
Sugar ½ cup
Brown sugar ½ cup
Vanilla essence 1 tsp
Cocoa powder 3 tbsp
Baking powder 1 ½ tsp
Ingredients for Ganache
Chocolate 16 ounces
Cream 1 cup
Strawberry jam for brushing the cake
Pre heat oven to 180 degree C. Grease 9 inch spring foam pan, melt 8 ounce chocolate and 2/3 cup butter in a double boiler, keep in fridge until cool, beat 4 eggs with ½ cup white and ½ cup brown sugar until fluffy, add melted chocolate and butter mixture, sieve together 1 cup flour, 3 tbsp cocoa powder and 1 ½ tsp baking powder, add this mixture to the chocolate and egg mixture with 1/3 cup sour cream, pinch of salt and 1 tsp vanilla essence, mix well on low speed for few minutes, pour batter into pan and bake for 45 minutes, remove and cool cake completely.
To Prepare Ganache
Put 16 ounces chocolate and 1 cup cream in a pan, cook until chocolate melts, remove and cool.
To Assemble the Cake
Cut the cake into half horizontally, put strawberry jam over the bottom layer, add a layer of ganache, now place the other layer of cake on top of ganache, glazed the cake by coating the cake with ganache using metal spatula by moving spatula middle to edge and the sides, coat evenly and slowly, put the cake into the fridge for 1 hour to harden the frosting. Decorate top of cake with chocolate curls.

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