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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Fruit Cake (tutti fruiti Cake)

This fruit cake is very simple and easy to make.You can use fruit of your choice but i used glazed two color fruits. Cherries,raisins almonds can also b used.If fruits are missed in the recipe then it would be a simple plain cake and can be used for base in desserts and trifles.Sharing ma simple recipe of cake with you enjoy :)

Eggs 4
Butter 250g
Sugar 250g
All-Purpose flour 250g
Vanilla Essence 1tsp
Baking Powder 2tsp
glazed Fruits(tutti Fruiti) 125g

Beat Butter and sugar together using electric mixer,until soft and fluffy.Butter should b unsalted and at room temperature. When it becomes like a cream now start adding eggs,one egg at a time.Put one and beat,then gradually add others and beat the whole mixture well.Add Vanilla essence and beat.
Swift together All purpose flour and baking powder together.
Now add this dry flour mixture in the butter mixture and fold using spatula or hands.Now fold the glazed cherries or mix dry fruits of your choice and Put in Prepared loaf tin.
Bake in pre-heated oven for 40 mins at 180C. Enjoy :)

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