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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Chocolate Fudge Pudding

 A lovely and light chocolate pudding with a deliciously decadent chocolate sauce within:

      Ingredients for cake mixture:

      Butter 8 ounce
      Flour 8 ounce
      Caster sugar 8 ounce
      Baking powder 4 tsp leveled
      Eggs 4

      Ingredients for topping:

      Butter 3 ounce
      Fresh cream 4 tbsp
      Brown sugar 3 ounce
      Honey 3 tbsp
      Coco powder 2 tbsp
      Walnuts 4 tbsp (chopped)


       Preheat oven on 150 degrees.
       In a pan cook together butter, cream, brown sugar, coco powder, honey and walnuts for 2        minutes until boiling
       Remove pour into a ring mold and leave until cold
       In mixing bowl put butter, flour, caster sugar, baking powder and eggs
      . Beat with electric beater on low speed for 3 minutes. Spread this on the fudge mixture in         the ring mold
      . Bake for 45 minutes on 150 degrees remove from oven leave for 5 minutes.
      . Invert on to a serving plate serve hot with thin custard or ice cream

      NOTE: the fudge pudding will have a base of cake, meaning that first u pour the fudge in the mold and then the batter for cake n then bake it right  so u can easily check weather its done or not by putting in a toothpick, if it comes out clear this means its done.....when ur fudge pudding is ready, u turn it over, so now the cake will become the base and the fudge will all come on top of it...

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