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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamun ), is a popular dessert, similar to a dumpling, popular in countries of the Indian Subcontinent such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. In Nepal it is widely known as Lalmohan, served with or without yogurt, and is a popular dessert on all occasions. It is made mainly from milk solids, traditionally from freshly curdled milk, then shaped into small balls and deep fried at a low temperature of about 148°C. The balls are then soaked in a light sugar syrup flavored with green cardamom. These days, gulab jamun mix is also commercially available. Gulab jamun is often served at weddings and birthday parties. I used dry milk powder to make gulab jamuns and they turned out so delightful.

Milk powder 2 cups
Eggs 2
 Plain flour tsp.
Baking powder 2tsp
Clarified butter (ghee) 2tbsp
For sugar syrup (sheera)
Sugar 2 cups
Water 3cups
Green cardamom 4nos
Orange color few drops
Mix 2 cup milk powder, baking powder, plain flour and ghee in a bowl. Now beat 2 eggs in a bowl and add in dry mixture slowly  and knead well like dough. If you need you can add 1 or two tsp. of milk in it.
Now make small balls from the dough. And deep fry in hot oil at very slow flame.Dont forget to stir with steel spoon.
Now the next step is to make thick sugar syrup for it
In a pan add water, sugar, green cardamom, and few drops of orange color. And cook the water at least for 10 minutes until sugar is dissolved and syrup is thick enough.
Now add fried balls (gulab jamun) and cover it, cook for 10 mins at low heat. Then take out in a platter and serve with flaked almonds and pistachio.
Yummy Gulab jamun are ready to serve. They are too soft that they will melt in your mouth.

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