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Monday, 5 August 2013

Oreo Cheese Cake

Oreo cheese cake my first cheese cake that i made for my siblings on Eid and it was great.Oreo is among favorite cookies of my family and by knowing their weakness i made this cake and I got thrilled by their fights for this cake. this is soooo delicious that you forget everything while taking first bite.
A thick Oreo cookie crust combines with creamy cheesecake filling, creates a deliciously rich dessert. I think we can all agree this should probably be a once-a-year treat, but whoa baby are they worth it!If it seems like a shame to crush the OREO Cookies before you get to eat them, one bite of this delectable cheesecake will change your mind.Enjoy The recipe below :)

1 tub of cream cheese-
1 tub of double cream
3 packs of oreos! 2 original and 1 chocofilled Oreos
1tsp of vanilla extract
1tsp of golden syrup
2 tbs of white sugar 
1 pack of oreo for base
half cup of butter

firstly in a plastic bag add the pack of Oreo cookies. seal the bag and hit with a rollin pin untill they are broken into small pices
 melt the butter in a pan and add the cookies. cook for a few minutues untill they have absorbed all the butter and have turned Carmel brown colour- line a round baking tin with the butter biscuites to make the base. set aside in the frige to set
 in a mixing bowl- whip the double cream untill thick..... add the cream cheese and mix again. add 1tsp of vanilla and golden syrup
in a seperate plastic bag add 2 packs of original Oreos- beat again with a rollin pin, they should be into very small pieces and dusty. add the Oreos to the cream mixture and mix well. taste the creamy Oreos add sugar if desired.
line the biscuites base evenly with the Oreo cream mixture evenly. in a seperate plastic bag crush the remaining Oreos and add to the top of the cake!
freeze or leave in the fridge to set.

serve with ice cream and chocolate sauce .

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