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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Ras Malai

rus malai is milk based famous dessert which is originated in Pak-India It is.Sweet, smooth and milky dessert served cool with lost of nutty garnishing gives a pleasant taste. Rasmalai is prepared by different recipes,This traditional and authentic recipe of rasmalai is very unique and real You would never have tasted rasmalai so delicious like this before.

Milk 2kg
Citric acid(tatri)   1tsp
Sugar 1kg
Soapnut(reethy)  5(soaked in water)
Green Cardamom 4
Baking Powder 1tsp
Sweet Milk 1kg
Pistachio (for garnishing)
Chopped almonds (for garnishing)
Boil 2kg milk, dissolve citric acid in water and put in the milk. The milk will be turned into cheesy particles. Now strain it in the Mulmal cloth and hang for few minutes so that the water could release.Now take it in a large bowl and rub well like kneading a dough.add in baking powder in it.If needed you can add 1tbsp of plain flour in it.Then make small balls from the dough and set aside.
Now make syrup of 1kg sugar by adding water in it also add green cardamom. Then add soapnut’s water in it and cook until foam comes on top in syrup. Then add balls in it and cook at low flame until they are raised and come on surface of the syrup. Take balls out of the syrup and pour in the sweet milk. For garnishing Add chopped pistachio and almonds in it.and then keep in freezer for 2 hours. Serve chilled.

NOTE: to make sweet milk boil milk and add sugar in it according to your taste. When it becomes a lil thick just like rubbri take off from heat and cool at room temperature. Then keep in fridge.
Enjoy this delicious dessert on eid :)

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