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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Strawberry Rouge Cake

 Strawberry Rouge Cake is softer sponge healthy homemade cake.this is very delicious cake.It is both easy and inexpensive to make, and it is sure to wow your guests. 

For sponge
Eggs 2
Sugar 50g
All purpose flour 50g
Baking powder half tsp.
Strawberry essence ¼ tsp.
For filling
Eggs 3
Milk half cup
Jelatin Powder 2tbsp
Caster sugar 125g
Whipped cream 300g
Fresh strawberry(chopped) 1cup
Strawberry essence half tsp
Pink color few drops
For topping
Strawberry jelly crystals  1 packet
Water 1 cup
From the sponge ingredients prepare sponge in 9 inches loose bottom tin.
For filling cook together milk.sugar and eggs  yolks and cook till it get thick enough.Keep aside to get cool
Make pury of strawberries and add gelatin,essence and essence and mix well.Now pour it in the egg and milk mixture.
Now beat egg whites with caster sugar in a separate bowl.beat until they get like foam.Now pour these whites in the prepared mixture.Also add whipped cream along with it very slowly.Now pour this mixture on sponge and freeze it until it is set.
Garnish with strawberry jelly and serve 

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