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Friday, 16 August 2013

Beef Biryani

Oil 1cup
Onion(slices) 4
Ginger Paste 1-1/2tbsp
Garlic Paste 1-1/2tbsp
Beef meat 1kg
red chilli powder 1tbsp
turmeric powder 1tsp
cumin seeds 1-1/2tbsp
corriander 1-1/2tbsp
Yogurt 3 cups
Potatoes 3
All spice powder 2tbsp
tomatoes slices 1
lemon juice 2tbsp
Kewra water 1/4cup
Rice 1/2kg
Yellow color 1/4tsp

Boil Rice with salt and when it is done set aside.
Heat up oil in a pan and add onion,ginger garlic paste in it fry them.Now add beef,red chilli powder and turmeric powder in it and fry at high flame for 5 minutes.Now add 2 liters of water.salt and cook at low flame until it is tendered.Now add cumin seeds,corriander and 3 cups of yogurt and cook at high flame until water is dried.
boil potatoes in seprate pan with a pinch of yellow color and add it in meat mixture.Now add all spice powder,tomato,lemon juice and kewra water and off the flame.Put boiled rice on the ready beef curry add yellow food color.First cook at high flame,when steam is raised then put on steam and cook for 15 minutes on very slow heat.Take out and serve with Mint Yogurt.

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